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Visual comfort
A high light reflectant ceiling reflecting up to 90% of the light striking the surface can extend the daylight into a space which can help to reduce the lighting energy required.
Acoustical comfort
You can enhance the indoor environment by improving the acoustics of the space.
The " light reflectance " of a surface is its ability to reflect light.
Daylight and electrical lighting represent the two primary sources of lighting available in the workplace. The light reflectance of the ceiling, floor and wall surfaces play the second most important role for overall illumination of the room, thus also directly affecting working comfort and productivity.
High light reflectance ceilings enhance the benefits of indirect lighting by improving overall lighting uniformity, returning up to 90% of the light back into the space, compared to 75% with standard ceilings.
A light reflectance of 90% and more allows 20% of cost savings with indirect lighting, and can yield total building energy savings up to 11% (see Rivergreen Case Study).
Canopies installed over a working place improve the light reflection over a working space for a better comfort for the end user.
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In all types of spaces, choosing the right acoustical solutions will enhance the end user’ needs and overall comfort.
With acoustics, you need to determine whether intelligibility, concentration or confidentiality is required? Armstrong can help you find the right acoustic solution for your space.
You can choose from a wide portfolio of products such as Armstrong canopies, standard suspended ceilings and i-Ceilings sound masking products.
Armstrong acoustical ceilings reduce noise levels in interior spaces, allowing for an optimum balance of high performance sound absorption and room to room sound attenuation to maximise / minimise speech intelligibility as appropriate. Armstrong offers the largest range of acoustical solutions, with reflective products, absorptive products (up to 1.00 alpha w with Ultima OP & Optima), and room to room sound attenuation performance (up to 43dB for Ultima dB planks).
Armstrong also provides active acoustic solutions, where specific levels of speech privacy are required. Sound masking masks distracting background noise to create a more effective workspace with increased comfort for users. More...
Case Studies
  Case Studies
  Case Studies
  Fire Reaction
  Air Quality Control
  Humidity Resistance
All Armstrong products are tested to meet the appropriate fire reaction regulations.
Most mineral, wood & metal tiles are either A2-s1,d0 (limited combustibility) or A1 (non combustible). Learn more & view products...
Armstrong offers specific solutions to limit the number of airborne particles by creating a Clean Room environment.
In certain areas within hospitals, as well as in certain sectors like the pharmaceutical, electronics and
food-processing industry, it is essential to limit the number of airborne particles by creating a cleanroom type environment using products certified in accordance with ISO 14644-1. Armstrong offers solutions for areas requiring minimal to the most stringent requirements.
Learn more & view products...
Control of bio-contamination is critical in the medical sector, especially in hospitals and clinics.
Armstrong ceilings do not favour the development of fungi/mould or yeast and the products can be used in any general area. The Armstrong Bioguard paint treatment has additional active components which reduce the colony size of virulent strains of bacteria, moulds and yeasts. This special paint finish can be cleaned and disinfected with cleaning detergents generally used in healthcare premises. Learn more & view products...
A selection of products that offer high levels of cleanability.
The frequency and method of cleaning of a ceiling varies from one application to another. All 95% RH products can be cleaned with a moist cloth or a sponge dampened in water containing mild soap or diluted detergent. Where the ceiling is subjected to smoke and grease such as in kitchens, or areas with more stringent cleaning regimes, Armstrong offers products with scrub-resistance and even those suitable for high pressure water cleaning. For Healthcare premises, the Bioguard paint has enhanced resistance to disinfectants. Learn more & view products...
All 95% RH products, are guaranteed for 10 years.
Ceiling installations are facing more and more demanding humidity conditions such as fast track programmes, buildings with a high concentration of people, structures which are open to the exterior environment, etc.
For these situations, Armstrong offers a wide range of humidity resistant products up to 95% and 99% RH. For areas that are subject to extreme temperatures, Armstrong proposes the 100% RH Newtone and Ceramaguard products. Learn more & view products...
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